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Carrie Keagan works it like a boss for Celebrity Apprentice & Critics Choice

When I think of the term "brick house" in relation to describing a woman's body, one of the first celebrities to come to mind is Carrie Keagan . Carrie always manages to show off her curves without any cleavage popping out and threatening passersby with a black eye (although, really, what a fine way to get one), a feat that's hard to accomplish in today's world of do-anything-for-attention. I...
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Carrie Keagan is charitable with her brick house curves

I'm not as familiar with Carrie Keagan as some people, mainly because I don't watch reality TV interview show host whatever the hell all of that programming that Keagan dominates is called. I do know that she could have been more charitable while attending the Humane Society Rescue Gala in Los Angeles over the weekend by forgoing that bra she has on. The stretch of her top is nearly destroyed...
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Carrie Keagan dresses to hypnotize at the Critics Choice Awards

Since we all know that the People's Choice Awards are a joke, what with the stellar sense of talent and style that Americans have, why not turn our attention to the Critics Choice Awards instead? Because we know those guys never get it wrong, what with their finger on the pulse of all that is good in this entertainment world. No, I'm not bitter, just disenfranchised. Of course, it might also be...
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