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Hottie Clip: Camilla Belle in Sundown

Surely you all remember  Camilla Belle , if only for her role in the 2008 horror remake WHEN A STRANGER CALLS. Otherwise, you're likely to at least remember her distinctive eyebrows, which have been rumored to prompt the power of human flight. So where has Camilla been hiding for these past several years? Well, it would seem as though she's taken up a liking for smaller,...
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Camilla Belle is super sultry at the SAG Anniversary party

I wish someone would figure out what to do with Camilla Belle . The girl isn't a bad actress but the movies that she's cast in frequently are pretty damn stinky. She's also insanely gorgeous, either with the casual look & minimal makeup or all dolled up like she is here on the red carpet at the SAG Foundation's 30th Anniversary Party. The girl is a showstopper to look at. So what's up with...
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Camilla Belle's eyes will hypnotize you

Obviously the most striking feature about Camilla Belle   has  to be her eyes. I just find myself locked right into them, pulled into her orbit like a tractor beam. It's only after I've broken free that I notice her eyebrows, which are her most distinguishing feature. Normally I don't go for the prominent brow look, but Camilla makes it work so well. Last night at the...
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Camilla Belle's beauty goes international in Harper's Bazaar Singapore

She just signed on to do a movie called BANGKOK LOVE STORY, so it makes sense that hottie Camilla Belle is going to keep things back east with her cover feature in Harper's Bazaar for Singapore. The 28-year old actress looks as if she's waiting for her love to show up at a red light district hotel in most of these pictures though, so I'm not sure what message the magazine is trying to sell...
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