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The gang from Buffy graces the cover of EW with a whole lotta Charisma

It makes sense that David Boreanaz wouldn't have aged much in 20 years, he is a vampire, after all. But it's great to see that the rest of the cast from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are holding up rather well 20 years after the show debuted. (Nicholas Brendon being the exception. Also, Michelle Trachtenberg , who seems to really have taken on a DGAF attitude toward Hollywood & her...
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The Hottie Stop interviews Julie Benz, star of Havenhurst, Dexter & Defiance

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Angel. Dexter. Defiance. Desperate Housewives. CSI. Supernatural. Hawaii Five-0. If you've made a popular TV show, chances are good Julie Benz has had a significant role in it. (I only listed about half of them, too.) The talented blond beauty has over 80 credits in television and film to her name, many of them very geek-friendly. On the movie side,...
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Julie Benz is red hot & wow in Composure magazine

I've had a long love/hate thing with Julie Benz . On one hand, she's kind of a badass bitch, tackling some roles that most other actresses would be afraid of, from the ugliness of Darla on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" back in the day to Rita on "Dexter." Both characters are doomed and f*cking annoying as shit, which is where my admiration ends. I understand that...
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Flashback Friday: There's more to Sarah Michelle Gellar than just Buffy

I never got into Sarah Michelle Gellar the way most people my age did, namely on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I suspect being so thoroughly unimpressed with the earlier Kristy Swanson/Luke Perry movie version left me with a bias against it. That and the whole romantic thing between the title character and her supposed vampire prey. Bit of a Twilight precursor there in some ways. Although...
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