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J-Love Ditches the makeup, looks sexy Greek in a white flowing dress on an errand run

It took her 34-years before our darling Jennifer Love Hewitt got at least half of what she really wanted out of life. While she hasn't tied the knot with boyfriend Brian Hallisay, a sometimes actor who has been on her show, "The Client List" for a year (previously he had been a cast member of the short-lived show "Privileged") but first was a Cornell Business graduate before getting lucky...
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Someone stop Kate Beckinsale from looking so sad when that's one happy dog she's with

I often wonder the weirdest things. Like whatever happened to that dog that Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst had during the years that they were a couple? That pooch was seen with them everywhere. And we all know that Amanda Seyfried has an umbilical cord leash for her pup. But I'm trying to recall if I've ever seen Kate Beckinsale walking around with a dog other than her lucky-dog husband,...
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