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Jennifer Lopez butt tortures some skinny jeans

I've spent so much time being irritated with Jennifer Lopez and her whole diva attitude for so long that I now find myself somewhat off put by the idea of her becoming hot again. It seems like a long time since that whole Beniffer thing between her and Ben Affleck, when the horrid inception of GIGLI and way too much media hype almost knocked them both out of stardom forever. Then there was...
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Either Taylor Swift was actually hot or we're all delirious with the flu

Strange to admit that I found Taylor Swift pretty damn hot at whatever awards thing was she went to this weekend. Normally the thought of Taylor and her goofy break up music tends to bring up copious amounts of bile from some deep, dark part of myself. As does that bullshit good girl persona she tries to put out there, despite the fact that she's dated pretty much every famous guy in the...
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