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Daisy Lowe has her spandex game ready for her Strictly Dancing debut

I know that Daisy Lowe's main claim to fame is being the daughter of Bush frontman, Gavin Rossdale, but prior to getting that paternity stuff sorted, she had already kicked off a modeling career, based off her mother's background in fashion design. Since getting splashed in the news because of how her parentage might have meddled with Gwen Stefani's perfect life, Lowe has been seen more...
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Hottie Clip: Elizabeth Gillies in Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll

These are the rules: if you're gonna cast a hottie like Elizabeth Gillies in a show filled with dudes over 40, you've got to get her in her underwear. It's a popular method networks use to ensure tuner-inners keep on, well, tuning in to the new program. Typically, shows that need it get it right out of the way in the pilot episode, but in Gillies's case, that hurdle...
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Halle Berry out to prove her rack is still relevant

There are quite a few photos below to click through so I'll try and make my introduction brief. Halle Berry is giving us a glimpse at things to come. It won't be long before hottie heavyweights like her completely cut out the middleman and only wear a bra. First Rita Ora and now (only in the span of one week) her; ironically wearing a top that's not even needed. Every bit...
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