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Jennifer Lopez does her JLo, Jenny from the Block thing in W Magazine

Does anyone besides me remember that rumour that when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were together that he'd had a custom-made, jewel-encrusted toilet seat for her? I hope she has it because while they keep trying to remodel good ol' JLo, it's still not happening. I speak for myself, if you feel otherwise, speak up. In the recent issue of W Magazine, Jennifer goes back to the ghetto she...
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Emma Watson still looks hot in a recycled photoshoot for Russian Elle

I wasn't always the biggest fan of Emma Watson , mainly because the only thing I'd actually seen her act in were the HARRY POTTER movies and kick me if you must, but I found all of the ones I watched to be droll. I tried reading the books and just could not comprehend the pandemonium over them. (To my credit, I read the Twilight books and can tell you they are an abysmal blight on what people...
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