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Ryan Newman, the little girl from Zoom, has grown up quite nicely

Because I have a need to punish myself, I tend to watch one too many Tim Allen movies. I don't hate myself enough to go through teen programming hell on Nickelodeon these days, which means that the last time I saw the now 18-year old Ryan Newman , she looked like this: And whoa, does she look different now. Ryan has been kicking around the orange channel for a few years, including a...
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I don't know what Daisy Lowe is up to here but I kinda love her for it

It's hard for me to process that Gavin Rossdale, that sexy lead singer of Bush, is old enough to have a daughter who just turned 27. Daisy Lowe , daughter of Rossdale and fashion designer Pearl Lowe, celebrated her birthday this past Friday night by slipping into a pink wig... and a see-through pink PVC dress because, let's face it, you only turn 27 once. (As I went to check, her birthday...
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Disney darling Olivia Holt's Nintendo themed birthday party is so cute, I can't even

I'm going to go ahead and plant my head firmly in the sand that Olivia Holt is sitting on and pretend that the Disney darling's 18th birthday was Nintendo themed and not Nintendo sponsored , even though I'm not stupid enough to truly believe that BS. When you're a regular on a TV channel specializing in the tame sexualization of teenagers for profit, you've got to find a way to pay the...
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