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Renee Olstead airing out the twins; Thank you

For those of you that actually give two shites about my tendencies towards Hollywood's sexiest females, you're aware I don't shy away from the unknown. In fact I go at it head on - because who doesn't get excited at the sight of undiscovered sexiness? Such is the case with Renee Olstead ; a buxum vixen I'm just recently becoming acquainted with. I don't know much,...
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Charlotte McKinney wearing the bare minimum required by public decency laws...again

Somehow I get the feeling these photos of Charlotte McKinney are emblematic of her day in day out routine. Exercise, shopping and talking on her cell phone; the latter most definitely because there's hardly a candid shot where she's not on that goddamn thing. Wearing only a tank top and booty shorts, there's no doubt this girl loves attention. She knows that in this age, where almost...
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Revisiting Nigella Lawson and her bodacious curves in high resolution glory

Only a week or so back, I posted about Food Network's bite-able Italian goddess, Nigella Lawson and made the note that she was 53-years old. She still is, but I HAVE to share with you the newest, highest resolution images that I found of that famous book signing, where she was unfortunately flanked by the disgusting ginger in Crocs. I can't get over how f*cking amazing Nigella looks, her...
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