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Mariah Carey's boobs perform at the BET Honors

It seems as if Mariah Carey has been around forever and yet it's also hard to believe that the diva will be turning 44-years old this upcoming March. I don't know if it's because she has the baby voice or the mentality of a demented middle school girl with daddy issues, but Mariah and her bucket full of crazy have always been a point of interest for me. Well, the crazy more than the career,...
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Gabrielle Union stops to check out her own rack at the 2013 BET Honors Awards

On the red carpet, Gabrielle Union , the hostess of the 2013 BET Honors Awards was playing it green and flashing a whole lot of skin, making her the living embodiment of mint chocolate. Hell, I can understand how she couldn't keep her eyes off of herself as the flashes from the cameras were going off. That's a body to be proud of. And seeing as how she isn't batshit crazy like, Halle Berry,...
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