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BOTB Hot Witches: Emma Watson vs Emmy Rossum vs Jenna Dewan

GOOSEBUMPS knocked off the rest of the movie competition last week, getting big numbers for a PG-13 spookfest. The stars from the original show that I featured in the battle from last week didn't pull in as strong of numbers but everyone seemed to be evenly divided on their love of A.J. Cook, Katharine Isabelle and Laura Vandervoort. Will things be as easy for you to decide amongst the...
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Sexy TwitPics: Emmy Rossum (Part 2)

Any Emmy Rossum lovers in the house? I know you shmoes are out there, or at least some fans of her show "Shameless". You may be more familiar with her work in THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES or maybe even the inauspiciously crappy DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION. Well, as it turns out, Rossum is yet another social media junkie whose...
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Hot ot Not: Alice Englert

Should I be fitted for combat wear if I post on my choice of Hot or Not actress this week? While she's playing a teenager from the 1960's in this week's release, GINGER & ROSA and while her co-star, Elle Fanning, is still not of legal consenting age, from doing a brief amount of research, I can tell you that she might not be displaying it on her IMDB profile, but she's definitely over...
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That's one way to sell tickets, Emmy Rossum

Before today, did I have any intention at all to check out BEAUTIFUL CREATURES in theaters this weekend? No. Does this promotional photo of Emmy Rossum wishing us a "naughty" Valentine's Day change my mind? No, but it's still an attention grabber, and a pretty blunt attempt by the producers to turn a profit over the next couple days. Emmy Rossum is the one thing about CREATURES...
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Emmy Rossum a is beautiful creature at the Beautiful Creatures premiere

I've debated with myself a few times whether or not to use that ridiculously redundant headline, but today may be my only chance, so take it or leave it. Emmy Rossum has already appeared on just about every talk show on national television to promote her new movie BEAUTIFUL CREATURES , which opens on Valentine's Day. Even though I dig Rossum, and this movie seems to have a legit cast and...
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