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Flashback Friday: Hard to believe we've had a quarter century of Ashley Judd

Of course Ashley Judd has been around a lot longer than a quarter century, although you can't hardly tell just by looking at her. The star of INSURGENT has shown a remarkable ability to hang on to that youthful sweetness and charm well into her 40s. She still looks just as hot to me as her much younger co-stars - perhaps even hotter than them. As good as she is now, my mind still...
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BOTB Insurgent Dames: Ashley Judd vs Kate Winslet vs Maggie Q

Last week you were all partial to the stepmotherly charms of "Once Upon a Time" villainess, Lana Parrilla. Not surprisingly, audiences were all about embracing the tired old tale of the girl with the glass slipper as CINDERELLA did mad bank at the box office. With the girl power dystopian saga INSURGENT bringing back the wily Shailene Woodley and her gaggle of smoldering cougars,...
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Ashley Judd is still perky in more ways than one

The one scene of DIVERGENT I've seen for some reason is the one where Ashley Judd buys it in a gunfight. Which I assume means that Ashley being in the followup INSURGENT movie means she's some kind of flashback or dream sequence deal. Unless they brought her back to life or something. Do they do that in these movies? I can't really be bothered to find out. What's more interesting to me at...
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