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Lunch dates with your cell phone is the norm, even for Arielle Kebbel

Her Miami lifestyle in the HBO show Ballers is much more glamorous than her day to day. In the show Arielle Kebbel indulges in beach-based siestas by day and being manhandled by The Rock by night - so as far as her job goes she really has nothing to complain about. Not that I imagine she has much to complain about in her real life either, but the day these photos were taken gives...
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Alison Brie, Minka Kelly & Arielle Kebbel are a menage a trois beauty solution

Alison Brie is a babe we see frequently, what with her show "Community" getting picked up by Yahoo to continue its fanboy reign and roles in movies such as GET HARD and SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE. Minka Kelly is a babe that we used to see with crazy regularity who has been slowly cooling over the past few years but still has a good amount of steam in her. Arielle Kebbel seems to...
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The underrated Arielle Kebbel is always a perky sight to behold

Looking at these photos from the Longines Masters of L.A. Welcoming Event makes me wish it were 2006 all over again. That’s when Arielle Kebbel arguably reached her peak and you could catch her in his largest batch of high profile releases ever – THE GRUDGE 2, JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE, AQUAMARINE… Ok, so they weren’t all that good, but they were publicized and promoted....
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