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Megan Fox is impressive on the TMNT set after giving birth only 7 weeks ago

Michael Bay was denying that there was going to be a delay in the release of his new reboot movie just yesterday, even though there are doubts in pretty much everyone's mind. Let's just try and see things from the perspective of one of his stars. Megan Fox just pushed out her second child on February 12th of this year and is already back to her fighting form, from the look of her from...
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Megan Fox gets out the red dye, starts bringing April O'Neil to life

It's been a wonderful life since Michael Bay and Megan Fox made peace over the harsh words they had previously slung back and forth at one another. This means that we get to see Megan looking Bay hot (glossy, lingering close-ups, bared tummy, licked lips aplenty) again, this time in NINJA TURTLES, the remaking of the popular underground fighting mutant amphibious reptiles. And filming must be...
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