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Marry/Date/Friend: Anna Paquin vs Kristen Stewart vs Nina Dobrev

When it came to the ladies of Christmas movies, you were fans of all but dominated by the awesome ass of Elizabeth Banks, who ranked the top pick for wife material out of the three. It was an even mix of those who were partial to friending or dating Zooey Deschanel and Lauren Graham, with only one vote each for those two being your favorite choice for long term love. I'll be...
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BOTB Trick R Treat Babes: Anna Paquin vs Leslie Bibb vs Rochelle Aytes

Last week you seemed split in your devotion to Emma Watson and Emmy Rossum, with very few agreeing with me that Jenna Dewan was the knockout witch of the battle. As All Hollow's Eve approaches, people are watching more& more horror movies to satiate their hunger for blood, gore and depravity. TRICK R TREAT is one of the Halloween movies I love to watch every year, partly because it's...
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BOTB Baumbach's Babes: Amanda Seyfried vs Anna Paquin vs Brie Larson

Even though the internet demographic composed of vile human beings who like to say degrading things about women weren't too keen on Ashley Judd's op ed piece made their annoying noise last week, those of us who aren't morally deprived showed the actress love in the match up of mature INSURGENT cast members. This week, as the indie flick WHILE WE'RE YOUNG gets a small roll out, I...
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