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Adriana Lima & Bella Hadid represented the old & the new at the big VS show

They just filmed the big Victoria's Secret runway show they do every year, where they bring out the finest from their impressive stable of millionaire models and make a big, televised production out of their new wares for the upcoming underwear fashion season. It's one of the glitziest and glamorous advertisements around right now and two of the best at this game are Adriana Lima and...
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Who needs wings when you've got abs like Gigi Hadid?

Last year people in the modeling business were talking about how hard Gigi Hadid tried to get into the famous Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which airs on television around Xmas. She might have failed back in 2014, but Hadid was one of the hardest workers for this year's event, auditioning twice and refusing to back down until she was given a spot on the runway. Gigi took some flak from...
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Seeing Adriana Lima play football caused the most confused erection ever

Well, this is interesting. Filming a commercial that almost the entire population will see in just a few weeks, here we have some Victoria's Secret models suiting up and getting down and dirty with each other…in football gear. I know. I know. I was kind of hoping for some insanely revealing and sexy lingerie myself, but for some reason, seeing these gals all padded up with helmets...
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