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Hot or Not: Kristen Wigg

I love lamp. For me, someone who took far too long to get around to watching the original ANCHORMAN, the holiday release of ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES couldn't come at a better time. There are far too few good movies out right now (that aren't jockeying for Oscar nominations) for us plain folk who just want to go see a funny movie. There are also too few funny women who get as...
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Face Off: Tina Fey vs. Christina Applegate

Most of you gave Evangeline Lilly love over her competitor Liv Tyler in last week's elvish-themed throw down . I went the other way, but that's just me. Eva's good too. They're like champagne and wine. It all depends on the occasion and what you're in the mood for. This week sees the release of the long awaited ANCHORMAN 2, which boasts among it's stellar cast the ladies above,...
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Meagan Good forgoes a bra at the London premiere of Anchorman 2

Meagan Good went without a bra when she attended the red carpet premiere of ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES but I'm not really certain that that was the best thing for the actress to do. Normally Good looks pretty damn phenomenal but with her hefty cleavage she sporting what appears to be cleavage that doesn't see support on a regular basis based on the droop of those breasts. Wearing a...
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