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BOTB Shakespeare's Ladies: Amy Acker vs Bryce Dallas Howard vs Julia Stiles

I suspected that VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN was going to bomb at the box office when earlier in the year I received three separate invitations to see advanced screening of the movie, a sure-fire indicator that the studio believe in the movie about as much as a 13-year old still believes in Santa. I was also correct in my assumptions that Kate Beckinsale would win last week's battle of the...
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Sarah Shahi is more than interesting at the Person of Interest 100th episode party

Sarah Shahi looks like the kind of woman that I would want to hang out with. I can't remember a time when the actress was ever dour or trying to look immaculate on the red carpet. Instead, the huge smiles, big laughs and general pleasure she evokes from the people around her when the cameras are flashing gives me the impression that she's exactly the kind of company that makes life fun. At...
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