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Hottie Report Card: Kate Hudson

Next week we got Kate Hudson playing the MILFy wife waiting at home with the kids while her husband Dirk Diggler fights for his oil-rigging life on the DEEPWATER HORIZON. We've come a long way with Kate since she had her big debut role in ALMOST FAMOUS. She's gone from playing bangable teens to bangable moms - a natural progression for someone who comes from such great hottie stock....
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Face Off: Kate Hudson vs. Cameron Diaz

It was a mostly even split between Keri Russell and Jennifer Garner in last week's Face Off . You guys keep coming at these like I've got total dominion over who wins, when in reality my vote only counts as one, just like the rest of you. Sure, I get to blab on a bit more about my opinion, but those are the privileges of the job. You guys decide who wins a Face Off, just as with any...
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Face Off: Kate Hudson vs. Goldie Hawn

Controversies abounded in last week's Face Off between Gemma Arterton and Kelly Brook . Such a terrible thing for me to compare the profound glory of an acting career to a the lowly, shameful model. How can I prefer Kelly's work to Gemma's? Have you seen her portfolio? I'm sorry, but a Kelly Brook calendar beats shitty video game adaptations any day of the week. Whatever your opinion,...
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