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The Hottie Stop interviews Alexa Havins, star of Proxy and Torchwood

Alexa Havins is an actress best known for her turns in the popular soap "All My Children" and the sci-fi adventure "Torchwood," but right now she can be seen in Zack Parker's deeply twisted thriller PROXY , in which she plays a grieving mother who befriends a mysterious woman and has her entire life turned upside down. It's the kind of movie you can't really talk about without...
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Former soap opera star Rebecca Budig looks buff and beautiful at Getaway premiere

I never watched too many of the American soap operas when I was younger or even in my more grown years. Too melodramatic for me and nowhere near as entertaining and outrageous as watching a good telenovela. Yes, I understand that white people (other than me) seem to think that the two are the same thing but anyone who's watched them both understands the difference. Which is why I think it's...
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Hot or Not: Abigail Spencer

She's appearing as May in OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL this upcoming weekend and while I know I've watched that old classic a ton of times, I'm still questioning if that May in question turns out to be Dorothy's Aunt May. That's right, isn't it? Why is it that this week's Hot or Not selection has that "I know her, right?" quality about her? Abigail Spencer A great...
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