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Movie Hotties 6-pack: Top 6 Hottest Hotties Named Jennifer

Why is it there are so many hot Jennifer's running around Hollywood? Probably the same reason there are so many hot Mary's or Amber's or Kelly's. Hard to go wrong with a Jennifer though. Chances are excellent a woman going around with that moniker is probably pretty damn hot. Such is certainly the case for the 6 Jennifer's we got lined up for you today. See which...
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Krysten Ritter is jonesing for some ass-kicking on the set of her new show

You Marvel fans and aficionados of Krysten Ritter's ass should find some interest in these pics of her roughing up some guy on the set of her new Netflix show, A.K.A Jessica Jones. This is the second Marvel Netflix series after Daredevil and part of 4 upcoming new shows based on comic characters. For those not in the know, Jessica Jones is a kind of on again, off again superheroine in the...
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Face Off: Keri Russell vs. Jennifer Garner

Pretty solid win for Olivia Munn over Kaley Cuoco in last week's Face Off . You'll get no arguments from me. Kaley is no slouch as a hottie, but I think Liv outclasses her just a tad. Keri Russell is starring in the next installment of the PLANET OF THE APES this week, helping to take a franchise I always found rather cheesy and transform it into an impressive set of sci-fi action...
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