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Hot or Not: Alia Shawkat

Yes, I purposefully chose the best pictures I could find of last week's Hot or Not lady, Kristen Schaal. No, it wasn't playing fair and I didn't really mind doing it. There are a few of you who could at least give her props for being a straight up funny lady and for that, you get acknowledgement in an easily forgettable, meaningless column based on antiquated bullshit notions of female...
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Movie Hotties 6-Pack: Hottest Chicks in Santa Claus Outfits

This week on the 6-pack we've put together a list of 6 of the naughtiest hotties on Santa's list who have done their sexiest in a Santa outfit. You'd be surprised how many there have been, among them such beloved names as Elizabeth Banks and Alison Brie . Check out our full list below! And as always, hit us up with your ideas for upcoming 6-Pack lists. Now check out a...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Juno Temple

How do you guys feel about Juno Temple? Sure the chick isn't knock out gorgeous but I think she's sexy as all hell. At least she can be. And folks, in today's Hottie Clip of the Day Juno Temple is all kinds of sexy! This scene comes from the dark comedy THE BRASS TEAPOT and features Temple dressed in some sexy ass lingerie asking her husband to spank her. Yeah, she's bent over with...
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We'll call you, Maeby... Happy 24th to Alia Shawkat

I like Alia Shawkat because she's got one of those weird names that isn't completely oddball and I can easily memorize the spelling of. Not to mention the fact that she's covered in what looks like the beautiful aurora borealis of freckles across her face. Add into that the fact that her development was most definitely arrested and she looks like a healthy young woman with a wowza hourglass...
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