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Super hot model Alejandra Guilmant makes a sexy mess of an ice cream cone

If you've had any kind of experience with pictures of hot, naked women being posted online (which goes without saying for most folks who come to a site like this), you've probably seen plenty of Mexican hottie Alejandra Guilmant here. She's one of those especially choice models who can't seem to keep her clothes on in most of her spreads. Not only that, but she's almost always oiled down...
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Mexican hottie Alejandra Guilmant gets mucho caliente for Maxim Mexico

One of the better show off models doing her "look at me" thing today, Alejandra Guilmant has a spread in Maxim Mexico this month wherein she proves to all in sight that she should have a spread in everything, all the time. She kind of looks like Emily Ratajkowski and Emmy Rossum merged together, which makes her even more intriguing. It's a mix that makes her one of those almost too...
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Meet Alejandra Guilmant and her amazing body

One of the perks of this job is uncovering new hotties. Images sets depicting such ladies are constantly flying about within the various celebrity picture resource sites. Most of the time, I'm content to keep these ladies to myself, so that I might bring you yet another update on what Kelly Brook or Maria Menounos are doing with their well-covered T&A. But every once in a while I find...
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