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2016's Golden Globe After Parties were full of gorgeous hotties

It's our bread and butter season right now. You'd think that the summer bringing hotties to the red carpet premieres of blockbusters in between trips to some tropical beach in a skimpy bikini would be the highlight of the year for us gossip/celebrity mongers but awards season is far more fruitful in getting even the shyest of celebs to show some skin. At the various Golden Globe after parties...
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You saw the Oscar hotties, now see some of the Oscar party hotties

So how did you guys do in your Oscar pools? I did awfully, as usual. It's funny, I always seem to do okay up until the big winners start. After that, all my picks start to turn to shit. Oh well, at least it wasn't the massacre that it was in years previous. Of course, I wasn't the only loser out there. Obviously only a select few get the big Hollywood treatment in the main event. Others only...
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