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The Hottie Stop interviews Jane Levy, star of Suburgatory and About Alex

The girl next door is more than just a pretty face. Jane Levy broke onto the scene a few years ago with a starring role in the ABC sitcom "Suburgatory," which ran for three seasons before not being renewed. Did she follow that up with a rom-com? Nah, we saw her turn in an eye-bugging, bile-spewing performance in the EVIL DEAD remake, which was about as far from suburbia as you could get....
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The Hottie Stop Interviews Maggie Grace, star of About Alex!

If there was any person whose name truly represented their personality it would have to be the lovely Maggie Grace. This charming and beautiful actress is absolutely full of grace and then some. In the new film ABOUT ALEX, she stars with some of the hottest talents in Hollywood, yet this sweetly captivating actress makes you feel welcome in her company. I’ve had the opportunity to...
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I'd prefer to talk about Aubrey Plaza and Jane Levy

I like to think that I know a thing or two about movies. When they come out, who's in it and what it's about are typically things I'm aware of, but this is the first I'm hearing about this film ABOUT ALEX. After about ten minutes of being aware of its existence though, I can't f*cking wait to see it. Why? Well, the absolutely lovely Aubrey Plaza and the insanely adorable Jane Levy just so...
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