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Emmy Rossum feels the need to look sexy for us (and speed)

I guess I didn't realize how much hotties were attracted to the film NEED FOR SPEED. Not only did the film nab Imogen Poots , one of my absolute favorite hotties whom if I ever met on the street, I would probably slam down on my knees, vomit and beg her to be my wife for at least an hour, but it seems sex-pot Emmy Rossum wanted to get in on the fun, who also just so happens to be...
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Shantel VanSanten unfortunately wore underwear to Need For Speed premiere

You know the dresses that are all the rage these days? Yeah, the ones that basically show 80% of the goods on a woman's body, except of course for the things that really matter. Well, this dress that actress/super hottie Shantel VanSanten decided to wear at the premiere of NEED FOR SPEED is kind of like that, only it exposes everything. That's right, everything. One of the great things...
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Forget Shia, it was all about the Imogen Poots & Aaron Paul love in Berlin

Director Pascal Chaumeil has the great distinction of being an assistant director to Luc Besson on the classic movie, LEON (aka THE PROFESSIONAL). Take that knowledge, his work within the French film industry, an assist from popular novelist Nick Hornby and a cast that includes such greats as Toni Collette, Sam Neill and Pierce Brosnan (not to mention Rosamund Pike, "Breaking Bad"...
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