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Flashback Friday: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen weren't always creepy

The last few years have seen the world develop a quick fascination with Elizabeth Olsen . Rightfully so. She's not only beautiful and hot, but also talented and well cast in tremendously popular movies. There was a time, not too long ago at all, when some thought of Elizabeth's burgeoning career as nepotism. That's because Elizabeth was coming up in the once broad shadow of her older...
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Flashback Friday: The 1st half of Jennifer Connelly's career is the best

I know, that headline is a bold statement. After all, in the second half of her 30-year career she's won an Oscar and been in all kinds of high profile movies. Still, in terms of sheer entertainment value and pleasure of the eye, I'm all about Jennifer Connelly around the years 1986-2000. There's a little something for everyone in that period of her career. Take, for...
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Flashback Friday: Revisiting the bad girl version of Drew Barrymore

You see a very different Drew Barrymore nowadays than in years past. That's to be expected. After more than 20 years since her triumphant return to celebrity in the early 90s, it's only natural that some things would change. The Drew of today is a wife and mother who looks very much the part. I'm happy for her. Set against her famous family's longstanding penchant for epic and ruinous...
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Flashback Friday: There's more to Sarah Michelle Gellar than just Buffy

I never got into Sarah Michelle Gellar the way most people my age did, namely on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I suspect being so thoroughly unimpressed with the earlier Kristy Swanson/Luke Perry movie version left me with a bias against it. That and the whole romantic thing between the title character and her supposed vampire prey. Bit of a Twilight precursor there in some ways. Although...
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