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The Top Ten Hottest Movie Cops

With the reboot of ROBOCOP hitting the theaters next week, with its upgrades in tactical goodness (now in black!) and added good looking charm (Weller is still close to my heart but Kinnaman is closer to my loins), I thought it might be a good time to look over some of the hotter female cops (and FBI and DEA and whatever - give a girl a break on the semantics here) who have graces the silver...
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Hottie Report Card: Paula Patton

It looks like we're going with Movie Fan Central schmoe  Jay Beezy 's pick for this week's "Report Card", for suggesting the exuberantly sexy Paula Patton . Don't worry, I liked all the gals you suggested, and will definitely find a place for them in the near future. I picked Paula this time around for a couple of reasons. For one, she's...
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Paula Patton almost looks 2 good at the 2 Guns premiere

Paula Patton is just one of those actresses that I always seem to forget about. God knows why. She's incredibly gorgeous and talented and most of the things I've seen her in, I've enjoyed. Whether or not 2 GUNS is on that list or not, we'll soon see, but if the movie is half as good as Paula looks at the premiere, it'll win Oscars across the board (except maybe for...
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