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Brittany Cole and other hotties are here to help you spank the monkey

You gotta hand it to those 138 Water advertising folks. They have absolutely no idea WHO they're selling this expensive water to, but they know precisely WHY they're doing it. You see, big breasted babes and a giant inflatable monkey have more of a place in a Tony Hawk Proskater video game than in an advertisement, however, we all know what sells more than anything: sex. So, instead of making...
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Fernanda Marin stars in these gratuitously awesome 138 water pictures

I don't know what it is about these 138 Water photoshoots. Whenever I come across them, it's like 18,000 pictures isn't enough. They go ham and instead of having a good 4 or 5 really good pieces of sexy advertisement, they must say to themselves, "Well, we got this stupid hot chick in a bikini. We might as well take as many pictures of her ass and tit crack as we possibly can." Not like I'm...
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