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Zoey Deutch time travels and does a great impression of her mom

05.18.2016by: Droz

Zoey Deutch does an impression of her mom just by waking up in the morning. Being so similar to Lea Thompson, the one thing I often come back to with her is how uncanny she might be as Lorraine Baines McFly, were someone to boneheaded enough to attempt a BACK TO THE FUTURE remake. Fortunately Robert Zemeckis has a block on any attempts at remaking this particularly sacred movie cow for as long as he lives. Yet another reason why I've always liked that guy. The value of remakes aside, I remain kinda curious how closely Zoey might approximate her mom in this iconic role. Enter Zoey's movie REBEL IN THE RYE, which just happens to feature her in an approximate era as BTTF and with an approximate look. Good enough to answer my questions on this issue. She's the spitting freakin' image of her mom from the 1985 blockbuster. It's actually quite amazing. Check it out.

Lea Thompson Back to the Future

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