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Zoey Deutch shows off some red hot cleavage in Cosmo

01.12.2016by: Droz

I'm going to go ahead and fess up to a cruel betrayal I'm guilty of committing against the nostalgic side of me that continues to contrast and compare Zoey Deutch with her look alike mom. I think Zoey is hotter than her mom was at this age. Looking at Zoey in this Cosmo spread or in any of her other sexy spreads and the impression is that she simply outclasses her mom. It could be I'm a little biased against the times when Ms. Thompson was on top as a hottie. The 80s were not always very kind to the hotties, particularly where fashion and styling was concerned. Way too much Jersey mall hair for me. I prefer how they get things done nowadays where hottie primping is concerned. I know, that's like blasphemy for folks who were actually alive during those days. What can I say? Zoey has been killing it lately. That's how it goes. The new blood comes in and takes over from old blood. We just have to move on.

Wait a minute...I just remembered what Lea's ass looked like in HOWARD THE DUCK.

Lea Thompson Panties Howard the Duck

Dammit, now I'm back on Lea's side again. This issue will never be resolved.

Source: Cosmo


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