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Zoey Deutch looks glamorous in gold at Why Him? premiere

12.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

WHY HIM? – an R-rated comedy starring James Franco, Bryan Cranston and Zoey Deutch; I like the sound of that. Those who would assume the male marquee names are the major draw would be wrong. Fans of stunning, fresh-faced actresses such as Zoey Deutch will tell you: she's all we need to pique our interest. 2016 was twelve months of shoveled shit – full stop. One way in which 2017 would be a major improvement over this dour year is more Zoey (If you've seen her in EVERYBODY WANTS SOME, you already know this girl is a star). Hopefully, WHY HIM? will be just the kind of mainstream hit needed to boost her recognition, making sexy premier photos such as these less infrequent. This cutie walked the red carpet without any help from that symbol of oppression, the bra. Proving she doesn't need the aid of accentuating undergarments to make her lovely handfuls look appealing. No one has to ask: Why Zoey? The reasons are all too obvious.

Source: Got Celeb


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