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Zoey Deutch legs it over to Kimmel for a little Why Him? promotion

12.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I knew that Zoey Deutch was going to be a "thing." Back when she was a teenager, appearing on red carpet with her mom, Lea Thompson, I took one look at that lovely girl and knew that other people were going to figure out that she was a second generation deserving of the spotlight. While there have been times when Zoey has looked uncomfortable with those paparazzi flashes at special events, all of that was MIA when she took the stroll down that back alley that leads into the building they shoot Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she was seen smiling and waving to the fans who were standing out in the cold just to get a look at her. With WHY HIM? landing in theaters right before Christmas, the pressure is on the sell the film on something more than Franco's goofball comedic delivery and Cranston's hysterical aggro dad routine and those legs on Zoey might just be that very way to get it done.
Source: Zimbio


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