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Zoey Deutch keeps it adorable everywhere she goes

12.15.2016by: Droz

Am I alone in feeling a little annoyed that Bryan Cranston is showing up in a movie like WHY HIM? He's friggin' Walter White. Now he's doing some half-assed rip off of MEET THE PARENTS. That annoys me highly. Actually, now that I think of it, much of his mainstream efforts in movies haven't done much as of late. I wonder if he's wore himself an inescapable groove with Breaking Bad and thus now flirts with typecasting. I sure hope not, but he might want to avoid doing any more SNL revisits to his cancer-striken alter ego. The guy is a talented actor who deserves to have his abilities recognized with more top notch gigs. But I digress...

One positive about this new movie is how it's getting Zoey Deutch spread far and wide doing publicity for it. That sounds like fun, Zoey spread wide. And now I just creeped myself out a little. Zoey may be just too cute for that kind of locker room talk. Observe her at some of these events. It just doesn't get any more endearing than the way she does pretty much anything, at least on the surface. You never know. Under that charming facade may lie the vigorously beating heart of a true sexual deviant. Wouldn't that be something. One can only dream.

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