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Zoey Deutch doesn't let the Sundance cold hurt that pretty face of hers

01.24.2017by: Droz

Incredible cutie Zoey Deutch is down in Sundance now, promoting her new movie BEFORE I FALL. I'm a little confused about this one. The movie's story is essentially GROUNDHOG DAY, only replacing Bill Murray with Zoey and switching the location from Punxsutawney to some high school. The movie centers on a girl who wakes up in bed and relives the same day over and over until she changes something that will end the cycle and allow her to resume her life. Sound familiar? I'm not sure if this is a straight up remake or if they're just conveniently ignoring that the book they adapted this from pretty much lifts its premise directly from the seminal time loop classic. You know how Hollywood is. Movies from 1993 are far too old for anyone under a certain age to watch. Therefore they have to update them with a whole new cast. Yes, we do live in ridiculous times.

What's most important in this scenario is how adorable Zoey is. I've had this long running debate in my head about whether it's Zoey or her mom, Lea Thompson, who wins the cute/hot prize. I find myself increasingly swaying to Zoey's side of things, up until recently when this gif crossed my path, lifted from the extraordinarily horrible 80s cheese fest HOWARD THE DUCK:

Lea in her underwear and socks could change my mind about nearly anything. I also ran across this NSFW clip from Lea's equally forgettable movie CASUAL SEX. Now I'm completely split in half again. I don't think I'll ever be able to make a call there. I might just have to admit that Zoey owns the 21st century and Lea the 20th. That's good enough for me.

Source: NSFW


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