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Zoey Deutch continues to class up that Sundance joint

01.25.2017by: Droz

It's impressive how many hotties are making their way around Park City this year. Endless waves of the most desirable females on the planet have been freezing their fine asses of in the Rockies, just to support their movies looking for critical praise and maybe some of that sweet, sweet, distribution cash. Ladies like Zoey Deutch with multiple movies looking for some industry love, have been doing double duty. Yesterday we were talking about her movie BEFORE I FALL. Now it's all about REBEL IN THE RYE, a biopic about the reclusive author of Cather in the Rye, J.D. Salinger. Opinion seems to be varied on the worthiness of this film. I'm surprised anyone even attempted it. How does anyone adequately discuss the life of such a complex character?

Even if the movie is as middling as some say, at least it has Zoey in it. Girl is so very fetching. Doesn't matter that she's bundled up against the harsh Rocky Mountain winter. Zoey still looks amazing. But obviously she's all the better when you get in her a little dress with some cleavage showing. If Zoey ever does a nude scene, it's gonna break the internet.

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