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Zoey Deutch can't sell a movie, can sell her hotness in C magazine

03.28.2017by: Cherry Liquor
While I can't find a production budget for Zoey Deutch's latest clunker, BEFORE I FALL, it's safe to say that its current haul of $12 million can't be good. Considering that the Lauren Oliver book that it's based on is rather popular, I can't say that it wasn't because the material was something people didn't want to see. Then again, the last big disappointment from Deutch's stable, VAMPIRE ACADEMY, was also based on a popular YA book series and that flick crashed and burned as well. So, is it because YA books need to stop being sourced as movie material? Wait... that can't be right. THE HUNGER GAMES, THE MAZE RUNNER, and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS were huge, so when the material wins, it really wins. While I don't want to say that it's because of Zoey, it seems to be that when she's the lead in a film, it doesn't pay off. And while I don't think she needs to book more girlfriend shit roles (DIRTY GRANDPA or WHY HIM? for example), I do think that she's far saucier playing the bitch, as she did in that other failed YA adaptation, BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. Perhaps taking a step away from center and going for the character actress with bite might be more lucrative for her in the long run.
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