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Zoey Deutch came by to class up the Colbert show

02.28.2017by: Droz

Adorable sweetheart Zoey Deutch stopped by the Colbert show to promote her new movie BEFORE I FALL, coming soon to a theater near you. Nice to have a little genuine sweetness on there as a change of pace from all the nonstop political shit. I know Colbert's nightly rips on Cheeto overload have given him a big boost in the ratings. It's not exactly doing anything to make one's outlook on the future seem any brighter. Zoey, on the other hand, always gives me a warm, happy feeling. How could she not? With that smile and all the rest of her, girl was pretty much bred for the dissemination of good vibes. I don't know if her new movie is going to be any good. I do know however it turns out, Zoey will most definitely look amazing in it.

Zoey Deutch Before I Fall scene
Source: NSFW


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