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Zoe Saldana promotes Star Trek Beyond with her phaser set to stun

07.19.2016by: No Cool Handle

Very few hotties can look sexy in a pair of 90's soccer mom jeans. From what I've seen, only Zoe Saldana and Jessica Alba can actually pull that off, and for reasons still unknown, the high wasted jeans are making a comeback in a prolific way, especially among the twenty-something hotties. I long for the days where women wore their jeans on the hips not over the waistline. Zoe promoting the soon to be released STAR TREK BEYOND (check out the review) is a rare exception. In fact, her ass look so stunning in those jeans, it totally defies my unfavorable perception towards this regressive fashion trend – I don't know how she does it, but I'm glad she does. We don't see much of newly minted MILF these days, however, when she chooses to grace her us with her presence, she doesn't disappoint. Quick question: Any word on whether or not we finally get a little Uhura, Spock love making? It's overdue, don't you think?

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