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Zoe Kravitz trades in one piece bathing suits for a bootylicious bikini

03.09.2015by: Droz

Last week we brought you some pics of Zoe Kravitz rocking a butt-friendly one piece bathing suit while soaking up the rays in Miami. That was good, but given the choice of beach wear, I'm always about the bikinis. Well, unless you got one of those little string things that hardly covers anything. Those are obviously the ideal form of beachwear for hot ladies, if not a totally slutty one. I'll settle for a regular stringy number like Zoe's though. I'm not even bothered by the fact that the top and bottom don't match. I've heard guys grumble about that kind of thing before. Why the hell do you care? Matching tops and bottoms are a overrated thing. Did you care what color the wrapping paper was when you were 8-years old and unwrapping the big present under the tree? Hell no. All you wanted was what was inside. The wrapping was the shit that got tossed aside and later chewed up by the dog and made into a fort of concealment by the cat. I'd treat Zoe's mismatched bikini much the same, namely tossing it aside to get at the goods beneath. There's a present waiting there that's way more fun to play with.

Source: Egostastic


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