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Zoe Kravitz pokes out in all the right places

03.06.2015by: Droz

I'm struck sometimes at how different Zoe Kravitz looks when she opts for a new style. She changes a little something about her look and suddenly she's like a totally different person. Lately she's been doing the dreads thing. Before that it was the short hair look. Those both changed her appearance markedly from looks that came before. Like many things about Zoe, I think she gets that from her mom, who also had a knack for switching things up appearance wise. For instance, would you have ever thought the folk-singing hottie from HIGH FIDELITY was the same bitchy middle daughter from The Cosby Show? Yeah, me neither. It's an intriguing natural talent that could do wonders for keeping a man happy. If she spots her guy getting bored, she need only change her hair again and viola - a whole new person. She keeps her man and he gets to feel like he's getting guilt free new pussy. Win-win. Supplement those skills with beach wear that leaves little to the imagination about how Zoe's naughty bits are sorted and you got the makings of the perfect mate.

Source: NSFW


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