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Zendaya is pure class & beauty at ACLU Bill of Rights dinner

11.10.2015by: Cherry Liquor
The trending topic of Zendaya's heavily Photoshopped shoot for Modeliste magazine has been blowing up over the past couple of weeks, starting with the young singer/actress calling out the publication on her own. Zendaya took to social media to criticize the altered images, which showed a drastically whittled down waist, hips and thighs in addition to the orange-ing up of her skin tone. The public reacted just as strongly as Z did, so much so that Modeliste caved to the pressure and stopped the print of that issue in order to swap out the original, even sexier images. I don't know what it is about this girl, who just barely turned 19-years old this past September, but I like it. While she clearly employs a team of people to get her dressed and styled for all of these events (the makeup is still too heavy to be getting uptight about selling an unrealistic image to the public), Zendaya has also managed to be one of the more eloquent former Disney kids out there, also shutting down internet trolls who made fun of and called her parents ugly. For many young stars who have grown up in the spotlight, fame has brought them a laissez faire attitude when it comes to how the media portrays them, either giving in to rumours (since they're usually negative and yet true) or raging against the machine in sloppy tweets and blogs filled with atrocious grammar and uneducated delivery. This girl is different. And she's gorgeous. Given the right material, she could make a serious dent in this Hollyweird world.
Source: Daily Mail


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