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Zendaya gift wrapped herself in leather pants for Nick Kids Sports Awards

07.18.2016by: Cherry Liquor
One of the things I love is watching one of these young TV stars blossom into a young woman, especially when it's a tasteful, well-adjusted and kind sorta lady like Zendaya, who was on hand over the weekend at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Sports Awards. One of the things I hate is seeing parents who don't discuss why Kobe Bryant is a piss-poor role model, especially when you have a class act like Russell Wilson, who hosted the awards, to laud instead. A man who's willing to respect his future bride's wishes, who speaks out about having been a "bully" as a kid and going through the change needed to right his ways. Sure, why not place the womanizing, philandering, uncooperative asshole who yells at and belittles his teammates instead? While I am more than happy that Bryant has retired and that we'll hopefully be hearing a helluva lot less about him, I look forward to seeing Zendaya, who presented the former Laker with an award that night. But first, let's get her far, far away from him.
Source: USA Today


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