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Zendaya does her best Beyonce impression for New You magazine

02.04.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I'm constantly surprised at how poised the young Zendaya can be, whether it's posing for magazine spreads like this one in the spring issue of New You magazine or being surrounded by paparazzi on the red carpet. She's eloquent, intelligent and of course, increasingly more lovely as she proves what a strong young woman she is. When people took to the bullying arena that is the internet, talking shit about her parents' looks, Zendaya put them in their place. She's also telling New You that she's not out on the red carpet trying to impress anyone there either. "I'm going out and dressing in this because it's awesome and I love it. I really just don't care if somebody doesn't like my hair or my wig or my makeup that day or what I choose to wear or put on my feet. Everyone has opinions." Remember, Zendaya was at the heart of the post-Joan Rivers dust-up on the E! show, "Fashion Police," when Skeletor Giuliana Rancic made fun of the dreadlocks the singer chose to wear. (And yes, I am fully aware that making fun of someone for making fun of someone is trashily meta.) But she doesn't need my support or approval and I love that.
Source: Pop Sugar


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