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Yvonne Strahovski is back and looking better than ever

08.06.2013by: Droz

What did all my fellow Dexter fans think of Yvonne Strahovski's return to the show Sunday? I was wondering when that was going to happen. I knew as soon as Deborah started to get woozy that it could mean only one thing - Hannah McKay was back. How nice to see her again, even if she is creepily sadistic in a totally hot way. Yvonne stopped by the TCA Summer Tour the other day to no doubt discuss a little of what Hannah's got in store for Dexter and company, looking mighty fine I must say. Normally I don't like it when women pull their hair back like that. Sometimes without the natural framing a nice head of hair provides, women can look a little off. It's not hurting Yvonne's beauty one bit, which is a good indication of how untouchable her looks are. I'll bet she's one of those women who would also still look great bald. She need not try that out though.

Hannah's return marks yet another layer of uncertainty to how Dexter's story is going to end. I'm fairly positive that Dexter is going to buy the farm somehow by the time everything is said and done in this last season. It's just a question of how and who does it. At first it seemed like Deborah might do it. Then it looked like it might be the serial killer of the week. Now Hannah's back to add her name to the role call of people who could potentially do Dexter in. They've got me stumped on this one. That's good. Just like with Dexter's infamous jabs to the neck with a syringe, we shouldn't see the end coming.


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