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Yuliya Lasmovich is Russian for freaking hot

06.15.2015by: Droz

Eastern European hotties like model Yuliya Lasmovich here are one of my weaknesses. Well, most fine ass women are weaknesses of mine, but that special brand of beautiful and hot they enjoy over in those former Eastern Block nations really do a number on me. I just can't get over not only how beautiful these women are and also how many of them there are. You'd think someone this perfectly put together would be a rare thing, tucked away in some Russian oil magnate's personal harem never to be had by anyone ever again. The truth is that gorgeous Eastern European creatures just like Yuliya are all over the modelling world, with more coming along seemingly every day. That kind of saturation in the marketplace has a diluting effect on the value of most things. Not so in the case of these beauties - at least not for me. The more the merrier I say. Amazing women like Yuliya need to be spread around in the global gene pool. I'd love to swim with her.

Source: FHMMaxim


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