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You're gonna wanna take a stab at Alana Blanchard

12.31.2015by: Droz

If you're into the surfing thing, you might recognize Alana Blanchard. She's one of the bigger names in that sport who has garnered notoriety partially through her surfing skills and partially through her having a hot ass skills.

Alana Blanchard Surfer Butt

Seems the latter skill set is serving her better as of late, which may be why she's taking a break from competitive surfing and doing more magazine spreads like this one in Stab Magazine. I'm all for hotties in the sexy magazine spreads, but I think I'm even more enthusiastic for hotties on surfboards. There's something naturally alluring about Alana and those like her hanging their asses off a board. That's a great visual and an equally great spectacle of talent and skill. It doesn't take much effort to stand around on a set and look hot. Not many can do the same while tearing through the water like bat out of hell on the top of a giant wave. That's a whole different kind of eye candy.

Source: GotCeleb


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