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Your requisite hotties of SDCC 2013 wrap-up

07.22.2013by: Droz

2013 proved to be a pretty great time for those in attendance at this year's SDCC and those of us keeping track of all the goings on. Seemed like there was a lot more excitement in the air this year, much more expectation and exhilaration at the big news concerning all the good stuff coming out in the next year or so. While every new year brings something different, the one thing you can always count on from Comic Con are the hotties. Ever since this convention blew up into an the be all, end all of scoops and spoilers for every kind of entertainment medium you can think of, it's drawn an equally divergent expanse of hotties, all looking to get folks excited about what they're up to. The show was living up to its comic book roots this year, as it seemed like most of the really big news concerned all the various comic movies coming out between summer 2013 and 2014 and beyond. Many of the hotties in attendance were connected with comic book adaptations of some sort, be it movies or TV or whatever. I've put together a little collection below of some favorites who caught my eye this year. Obviously this isn't a complete list and doesn't even begin to touch on the crazy, costumed hottie goodness going on throughout the various halls. Maybe we'll post some of that later. Until then, feel free to peruse these lovelies, listed in order as follows:

Scarlett Johansson, Alison Brie, Jennifer Lawrence, Lyndsy Fonseca, Nina Dobrev, Julie Benz, Emily Ratajkowski, Molly Quinn and last but not least, Hayley Atwell


Extra Tidbit: Damn, Julie Benz got a fine ass...
Source: NSFW


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