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Your new Lara Croft, Alicia Vikander, gets tough & dirty on Tomb Raider set

02.08.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I honestly don't care if anyone starts to complain that Alicia Vikander isn't busty enough to play the video game hottie whom most of us grew up wanting to disrobe with special cheat codes while playing Tomb Raider. The bitch looks tough as f*ck on the South African set, where they're filming the reboot/revisit/reimagining of the series. I hate that the only images available so far are super low quality, taken from 2 countries away but I can't sit around waiting for more of them to pop up in high resolution, so here you go. I fell for Alicia when she was Ava, the AI with all the right moves in EX MACHINA, with her sweet lilting voice and spellbindingly beautiful face and seeing with the muscle tone, doing some of the more basic stunts on set is just getting excited for a movie that I wasn't particularly excited for prior to this. She's gorgeous, she has the athleticism down and she can act. If anyone has complaints, it better be about script or male co-stars because it ain't going to be her fault if the movie fails.
Source: The Star


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