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Your daily dose of super-cleavage with hot mess Aubrey O'Day

It’s been a loooong time since Aubrey O’Day was relevant. If she ever was even all that relevant to begin with. I guess Danity Kane never did live up to the potential we all thought they had (ha) and those 15 minutes of obscure fame dried up fast. Whatever we see from Aubrey now is just the last few fumes of vapor, getting evaporated back into the sky to start the cycle all over again for some other less-than-marginally talented blonde with big boobs.

Aubrey does the whole reality TV circuit thing these days, and is probably just counting the days until she “leaks” a sex tape or gets bigger implants. Because once either of those events happens, she’ll have a bit more of that spotlight shined back on her. But until then, she’s giving us little more to do than just stare at her awesome cleavage while she’s out looking like a drunken hot mess. Enjoy! 

Extra Tidbit: Is it just me, or is Aubrey looking like sort of a Tara Reid/Jenna Jameson mashup?
Source: Egotastic


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